Sunday, October 4, 2009

What Shapes Us?

Its a common stance we take that how a person acts/behaves has got a lot to do with his exposure. This includes upbringing, education, peer group and the confidence instilled in them by others,especially their family and friends.
So far so good. The problem is when the person concerned starts citing these reasons as a justification for their act. That is when it starts itching.
As in, when you know what is the cause for your action and are not doing anything to correct it, but end up justifying it with your childhood, your family and all such stuffs - all you are doing is absolving yourself of the responsibility for your actions. Once you have been able to place the finger on the pulse, you are supposed to act on it.
Even I have been guilty of this. No hiding from this. But as I used to say, with realization comes redemption.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Stand Up & Be Counted

If not for others, for yourself.
Conscience cant be fooled.
The rope may be long, but it will end for sure.
Climb up soon.