Thursday, October 2, 2008

Benz Diaries - En Manam Nee Arivai

And so it starts again…whenever you lay down your arms, they get rusted. Then when you want to use them again, you have to first remove the rust and scales..oil them…sharpen them….and then use it. So till my ammunition is worthy of your indulgence, be patient with me ;)

Today I will subject you to someone so original, so endearing, so perceptive and so very simple that you have sufficient scope to love him, hate him, admire him, kick him and laugh with him, at him and at yourself.

I had introduced him ages back in my Benz Diaires. He is the Miraasdar of Manaangorai J

Quarter had the rare ability to explain Mahabharata in a single line (Uchchi mandai la nachchu nu aani ethra maadhiri). Such succinctness – I haven’t seen in anyone. And yet, coupled to it was his trademark lollu that almost everybody appreciated his succinctness on hindsight while the present moment was always spent kicking his hind. I don’t remember a single gathering amongst our friends when he hasn’t got a beating.

And yet, he was the guy who always made the best impression amongst all our parents. He became so mum at the sight of family members, that it would be impossible to fathom what all he is capable of doing. The thing I have liked the most in him is his zero tolerance to pretence. He always had a nice way of putting things. Never will he beat around the bush.

We have spent many hours at our college canteen drinking tea and eating vadai yakking about how to replicate meaningful socialism and further employment and prosperity. The time is not far. Soon we will replicate our dreams into action. And ya, he was one of our Comrada – when it came to valathufying our dhaadi ;)

The thing I loved in him and in general liked in my Kkdi gang was the absolute lack of obligation amongst each other. It gave us the right amount of freedom to enjoy ourselves and yet realize that we have our own Chinese Room.

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