Monday, May 7, 2007

Temptations begin at Home….and Salvation….is right round the corner….

Books and Drinks……would they ever go together????? YES…..especially if you happen to be by the mountainside in a temperature closer to zero than 40 AND if both of them: kithaab and sharaab – are at an arm’s distance. Welcome to the world of Vallavaru, Nallavaru and Chinnavaru……..which comprised of a retired airforce man, a maverick phy.-chem wizard and a specimen who could never say no to anything in this world.

Three men from different generation and yet and yet a common interest!!!!! This had to do with their basic philosophy of – Living life to its fullest AND subscribing to Oscar Wilde’s view that in order to resist a temptation one needs to first surrender to it. This common strand of thought led them to design THE library – an aesthetically designed state of art monument – wide variety of books that would interest any bibliophile, a cozy, almost cryogenice ambience that would make you want to cuddle up in a diwan or a bean bag AND a expansive bar which had an assortment of liquors catering to diverse taste and which not only served the purpose of satisfying your thirst for the –OH but also served the functional purpose of keeping you warm in freezing temperature. And yes…..I forgot to tell…..this library also has a vast array of music collection most appropriate for the place – lilting tunes of Rafi, Hemant Kumar et al.

These three protagonists shared another common facet – their family. They were the Tau, Pa and the Son…and their credo was…We Are Like This Wonly………..

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