Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Brotherhood series – Weighing the options

For the species that calls themselves as men, one of their most defining aspects is to look ahead in life and not dwell on petty things……what constitutes petty things is an entirely different matter. The stroke that Misbah played to get out is not at all a petty matter. In fact it is something worthy of deep analysis in the psychology of human mind. If you have been shown your place (nose cuttings u see) by the other gender – it is the most pettiest matter…thing to be forgotten in a jiffy in order to look ahead…to this list of trivialities is the concern about one’s weight…..made all the more trivial due to the extreme importance accorded to it by the ladies of the world…..when will they ever understand it is not how you look but what you are?? J See…nirvana is never far from the grasp of the brotherhood.

It was a nice meeting arranged in the house of a close pal of mine who had studied with me since my childhood. As a visitor we had this wonderful gal who was also my school mate. We discussed lots of things – life in general, latest escapades of the unmentionable kind…out of the blue this guy blurted out to the girl – ‘hey you look fit’…and that was it….it was like having opened a pandora’s box….she started lamenting about how she has put on 1.5kg in the last 2 months (that is peanuts to us!!!!!!!!) and how she is now having to work really hard to fit into her clothes….she cant stand the sight of herself in the mirror..bla bla bla…..It was then that my friend commenced with a firm OK….now why don’t you come to that room….what transpired next was something for the ages……

Both of us (this lady and myself) followed him…..he said…yes dear I understand your problem….i too went through such phase…in fact I gained 10kgs in the last 3 months, you थो only cant stand the sight of urself..i for one cant see myself in a mirror…it is too undersized for me….(Hey wait..all this is fine…but I have never seen this guy so serious..neither do I remember him doing anything so great so as to advice her!!!) and then he dropped the bomb….so what I did is this….he then opened his wardrobe….i bought myself trousers of the next size…simple isn’t it?? (SIMPLE IT IS…….FOR SURE!!!!) for a second this lady gaped in disbelief….at such lack of seriousness in a person who has bloated like anything…We (this guy and myself) of course split our spleen laughing….Call it juvenile….call it obnoxious….whatever…but my take is why worry? See if you can do something about it…if you can well and good..if you cant…don’t break your head…just move on…..take a break da….


  1. I would like you to read the last 4 lines once again, very profound when you write them, very difficult to practice. Know what i mean, if you should not worry about something which you can actually control, why do we worry so much about things which we can never control

  2. difficult to practice no doubt....but not impossible...
    u ask - why do we worry abt things we cant control? very true.....why worry at all? if u can do something - there is no reason to wrry....if u cant do something..there is no point in worrying....takes some effort...a lot of effort in fact...