Thursday, August 7, 2008


I am sure most of us would have come across some tomboy character in our life. Sometimes in our own family, sometimes amongst our friends. And sometimes in books and movies. What attracts us towards them? Or more specifically what attracts boys towards them? It is the fact that we don’t have to deal with crying, fussing ‘girlie’ sissies. We can be what we are without having to ensure that ‘feminine sensibilities’ aren’t hurt. What more! You have the double merriment of being with a girl and enjoying her company quite unlike with any ‘normal’ girl.

By far the best tomboy I have come across is Laura Castellano – the fictitious latino in the book ‘Doctors’. She looks too good to be true. Very good in basketball, good in studies, no ‘choo chweet’ and all those nonsense. It’s a bonus that in the book she develops into a bombshell. But our focus is on her childhood and the times she spent with Barney.

Then I would say comes Kajol in KKHH. Almost the same story as that of Laura. But our own Desi version.

Okay. So these are the ficititious ones. But any real ones in my life? Well lets see.

There was Meks. In our childhood we did almost everything with the same fervour. She scrapped as hard as me, played gutsy far better than me, could beat me to death if she wanted and was THE ring leader of our local band of goondas. We used to speak of cricket, tennis, books, songs..everything. And then, she too went through the metamorphosis.

The latest in the list is Babli aka Tequila who just cant grow up. She is probably the oldest living tomboy I have seen so far. But am happy she is that way. Else it would be such a bore :D She has been successfully escaping the metamorphosis. Let’s see when that will happen.

Well, there was someone else who could beat me like hell. And she was pretty younger than me. My kid she is.

The funniest and the most embarrassing thing to endure for a guy is when these really good people turn into girls. It is almost like losing out a part of your being. No longer can you relate to them with the same effect as before. Not because you don’t want to. More often because their tastes gets too refined for your good.

So that’s the story of my tryst with TBs.

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