Monday, April 30, 2007

Benz Diaries - Comrades

I must confess that my life did not revolve around just the 6 of us. There were quite a few people whose company has enriched my life. So here we go......
One of the most laconic of personalities, an eternal romantic, one whose gait ensured that you would not notice his presence even if he stood right next to you. Let me introduce you to...Dead Body. The type of person on whom you can always depend on for a game of chess, an hour or two of movies....basically anything that has got noting to do with studies. We have been partners on a lot of occassions and have also been chucked out of our class together (he was the innocent victim of my assault). Watching him on the basketball court would definitely make you appreciate and understand how the 'dead' phoenix rose from its ashes.
If i was flanked by the Dead on one side, on another side I also had the venerable company of Thaatha. The perfect example of 'think twice before you speak'; he would do the same even when you ask him as simple a question as what his name is. He would bring us all to our wits ends with his irritating patience - time literally comes to a standstill when you are with him. He hadan interesting sing song accent which we all liked. Oh yes....despite being the Thaatha, he was a very fit person with 'Abs' to die for!!!!!
Have you guyz ever had a bully brother - who with a smile in his lips would exasperate you like anyting? We had one such character - the Sambar. Its a name derived not for any deer like characteristics but for reasons epicurean by nature. A 'stocky' oak of a person, he took immense pleasure in needling all of us. you never knew when he was telling the truth, when he was lying....when he was normal...when he was serious....all of this he used to do with a very dead pan impish expression. he also had a serious side to him which got overshadowed by his appetite. a 'Gurunaadhar' for quite a many of us...practice made him one of the better cooks amongst us...and frquently eating what he cooked made him aprreciate 'outside' food all the more. A very practical person, who at times had a dangerously short fuse - a veritable mixed bag. This is Sambar for you.
Next, we come to the king of anxiety, the guy who brought laughter to all of us with his rib tickling replication of Vijaykanth, who HAD to go home every weekend and who grew a moustache to cover up darker secrets - let me welcome one of the two Homo Sapiens H1 of our group. An extremely spiritual and honest person who could be sarcastic if required. A victim of Scientist's infamous Lunge - to this day we could not figure out what made Scientist do what he did!!!!!!!!!!
One of the two Homo Sapiens...this brings us to the other one who had an eerie similarity to H1 - he too was spritual and honest. Now I wont draw any inferences........but still........
H2 loved keeping his room clean (the one thing I hated). I always had the feeling that he required a Jambavan to get really worked up. This was one person with whom I could be myself. And by virtue of that misdeed was I branded the secretary of this ignominous club of 2 members.

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