Friday, April 20, 2007

Brotherhood: A Bag Full of Mysteries

Two friends who are having nothing worthwhile to do in life but have a balcony view of the scene below – a hundred odd candidates; guys and girls with the anxiety that is almost always prevalent when you are about to decide your career.

What catches the attention of these two guys is the black handbag that seems to be sticking like leech with the girls...ahem...a girl.....

Guy1: “Yaar…yeh bandhiyan kya rakhthi hain uss bag main? Har waqt usko le kar hi ghoomthe hain?”
Guy2: “Uthna kuch nahi re…..they have their pens, fir lipstick, dekh ke lagaane ke liye ek mirror, fir kerchief, tissue papers….woh perfume waale….aur unke purse…..par poore paise purse ke baahar handbag main hoga…….”
G1: “Uthna kuch nahi bol ke ithna bol diya be?”
G2: “Oye…abhi toh shuruaath hi ki hai……they also have their cell phone, uska charger, kangi, small small bills of shopping that they had done long ago…..”
G1: “Thik hai….yeh bathaa…..tu yeh sab kaise jaantha hai?”
G2: “Teri bhaabhi jo hai mere saath….you should see her taking something outta the bag…..PC Sorkar ke magic show dekhne ki experience aathi hai mujhe…each time something or the other (almost always unintended) comes out. Isi liye main bol dethaa hoon…..jab milke hi jaa rahe hain toh paise ki fikr kyun? Aur cell fone main meri pocket main rakh loonga….in dono ke alaavaa aur kuch isthemaal nahi kart hi toh bag hi kyun?”

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