Monday, July 16, 2007


The rate at which human mind is able to churn out thoughts is amazing… fact a bit disgusting too..especially when all you would want is silence……

Family and friends…..are they the they ever mean the should one perceive either of these categories? You think of it…you get thousand explanations, rationale..and logic..but at the end of it all what counts is what you believe in….neednt be the same as what others think….but so long as you have the ocnviction to back up ur feelings…that’s about all one can ask for… different are friends by the way? Only thought which comes to my mind is..that they are not related to me either chromosomally or sexually…..but other than that? I respect them the same way I would a family member of mine…give them the same importance….what if you have to decide between either of them at a time of crisis? Well, that would be based on the merit of the need. Holy cow….that is cold blooded pig headed objectivity. So be it. But may be not….maybe, I will lean more towards my family (??) cz I know that my friend will understand my predicament. You mean to say your family doesn’t understand ur predicament? Well not like that, its just that the current psyche of the ‘normal’ family is to take t for granted that come what may – family comes first. I don’t blame it one bit at all. Maybe when I grow up..have a family of my own..i will try my best not to be like this…if I have to take anyone for granted…let it be everyone…if my child ha to decide between A or B let it always be based on merit and not on social obligations…..AMEN

Why are you so indifferent? Coz I don’t care? Oh really??? Well not exactly…then why the hell? Hmmm…..does it really matter? What if I say it matters to me…..Oh good….is it a feeling of insecurity? Bull shit…..then whaat? Don’t you ever love anyone well enough to feel for them? To empathise? That I never help out…..why should i? I mean….i believe a plant grows strong and survives when it fights it out amidst the bushes, trees and shrubbery…not when it is planted in a pot and cared for day in and day out…..cut the crap will you? Just because your thoughts are different than mine..dont insult my thinking…..ohh so you do care eh? Where goes your indifference? Dammit….you first crown me as being indifferent when I am not..and you then accuse me of not being indifferent…this is the limit…..oh really? I have nothing to say….when did u ever have anything to say?

To cry, to laugh, to feel, to be….this is what I wanna be….far from the maddening crowd did I go..only to find that the madness shadowed me…then I realized……the reason for the insanity….and then I became sane J

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  1. :) Jzt cant confine the rate of my fingers moving along to give this post a comment... You are what you are!!It Rocks!!