Saturday, July 14, 2007

Books that have made a positive impact on me….

Doctors, Class, Acts of Faith & Love Story – Erich Segal – Doctors and Class are my most favorite coz I could not only relate myself to the story but could also see a lot of my friends in that book. The way Segal goes about sketching out the characters is wonderful. Barney, Laura, Bennet, Elliot, Jason (am not sure if I got the name right/the guy in the Class who goes on to join Israel defense)……..they just stay on your memory forever.

Treasure Island, Three Musketeer, Count of Monte Cristo, Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Heidi, Adventures of Robin Hood – these books are ideal for a lazy day in a cozy couch drinking hot tea/coffee with an overcast amience…Such ambience makes the story grow on you….especially when you are young and in your schools. Long John Silver, Athos, Little John – these are my favorites.

Then comes Atlas Shrugged, Fountainhead, Anthem, Siddartha – these have their own way of revving you up. Roark, D’Anconia, the irresistible Galt, the carefree Dannerskjold, Rearden, Wynand – you can see the strength in their characters that comes over and above any flaw they might have. These books…you should read, digest and read it again….on and on….

To Kill A Mockingbird, Brothers Karamazov, Painted House, Roots, Guide – these????..well ou know the type of books…you read…it moves on…slowly steadily…and at the end of come out satisfied..sometimes with a lump in your throat....Alyosha, Finch, Kintah Kunte…..they stand out….

Cloud Atlas…for the way it engrosses you….Godfather – wonderful story…perhaps one book which on reading you can actually feel the emotion and the cold bloodedness….

And if you are a uzhavar sandhai hater..Companero, Palestine, Confessions of an economic hit man, fateful triangle, the roaring nineties, globalization and its discontent….excepting the first book, in others the author would have clinically put forth the facts….

Other good non fictions…Oh Jerusalem, Power, autobiography of LeeIacocca…….

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