Friday, December 28, 2007

Gone with the wind ……..Part 1

Days spent with appa, meks, gautanna and anukka going to beach every Sunday morning,
Telling out the score of all and sundry cricket matches whenever my thaatha asked for,
Playing cricket in the terrace with buddi and co,
Roaming the street of korattur (in the name of purchasing groceries) and putting vetti pongal,
Times spent cycling from house to beach with like minded mad-caps,
Calling out ‘Amma coffee’ the second I stepped into my house,
Hot and mouth watery aloo parathas amma used to make,
Leaving the school in a hurry to finish my cup of tea and go to play cricket in UCO bank ground,
Those laziness filled vacations where meks and myself saw one movie after another,
Two weeks spent in padmaja mam’s home (srik, vidhya, varuna and myself) in the name of preparing for board exams and ending up gaining weight after eating her lunches,
Walking the streets of korattur with cat eye discussing our problems,
Time spent with pakki speaking anything and everything under the sun,
Silence and solitude experienced with sriks,
Seeing my valentine cry in front of my eyes and realizing helplessly that I cant do anything to make her feel better

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