Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gone with the wind ……Part 3

  • Having that ‘why I am here?’ feeling once again……on the first night at b’lore
  • The happiness at the sight of a known face in my class…..
  • Our mktg project and the fun and food we had along with it….
  • Our nights (especially 2nd and 3rd sem) spent playing tsepak (in which I was a dud) followed by kadak chai at 4.30 in the morning before going to sleep
  • Those caffeine induced insomnia…..
  • Enter second yr….and our very own adda with vipro, oldie and myself…
  • Frequent chai time meetings in I-1st …..
  • Our daaru induced black out after our 4th sem….
  • Playing cricket in L block while I was supposed to work on my ccs….
  • Good times with sanju, jhingu, balti, ankur, jawanak, balle and sarangi….
  • Frequent canteen/CCD visits with sumeet….
  • The happiness I experienced at the sight of an uncluttered mind dancing her way to glory….
  • 15 movies in 2 days… interrupted only by the necessity to sleep…
  • Weekend outings (rare ones though) with mek and her gang….
  • The last daaru session we had post placements and the L^2 that followed….
  • When dancing actually meant stomping our feet and pumping our fists… a drunken stupor….
  • My happiness at the time of leaving blore

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