Sunday, December 30, 2007

An Ode to Brilliance....

My visit to the GD panel was with mixed emotions….while one part of me was telling me to flunk it…there was another voice which said – just do it.

In the end I went in – not caring a damn as to what the outcome is gonna be and let myself be what I am. GD went on OK…and so did the interview….

Then we went for a small walk across the campus….I later had the privilege to be her classmate too…

One of the most simple and brilliant lady I have ever come across…as I used to so often say to my kkdi friends…the first girl to whom I could bow down with happiness….such was her brilliance (as I perceived it to be)

We shared a hi-bye relationship. Nothing much to speak of. But thinking of her will always remind me of her grace, her brilliance….and all I will do is wish her the very best in her life…. AMEN

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