Friday, December 28, 2007

Gone with the wind ……..Part 2

• The ‘bursting of heart’ feeling I had when appa left me at karaikudi,
• The days of tiger biscuit and tea at SCH,
• Days of being kulikaadha medhaigal (tribute to scienti and aamai – my co partners)
• Adai and vellam at ramchander’s house, cricket conversations with uncle,
• Bhai, begum, their children….and the briyani that I missed,
• Keerai with thengai paruppu courtesy amma,
• Murungai keerai and palaa kai kurma courtesy periamma,
• Kathrikkai and aloo fry courtesy sithi,
• Gopalan sir and KRV sir….
• Those dilemma when faced with – ‘pesalaama vendaama?’ at the sight of some really heart warming thaai kulams……
• Listening to old melodies along with dhaaru…..
• Placement works in placement room often accompanied with bondas, bajjis and teas…..
• Washing the ‘saaptu minji pona paathrams’ of visiting companies
• Those very rare instances when I revealed my heart to my karaikudi nanbargals…..
• Having the unspoken trust, faith and camaraderie with mottai,
• Watching the mighty sambar saying with ‘feelings’ that TC et with an accident – laughing at the description given by TC about his valiant adventures
• Fruit mix, nannaari sharbat and lime in Marine..
• The happy-sad void I felt and shared in the evening after narmadha akka’s marriage with padhu, gopal, prabhu and subbu anna

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