Friday, July 25, 2008

Chaand Taare Thod Laaoon, Saari Duniya Par Main Chaaoon

How about creating a big industrial empire. One that will ensure that millions of people are gainfully employed. One that will create wealth for the individuals and for the nation. One where people look forward to come and work.

Which would be the most important department in this organization? My pick would be the HR dept. it should be proactive and it will not be used only to recruit people and give them their salaries. Their job it is to ensure that the employees enjoy their stay. There should something more than skills and money which this company has to offer. And it will be the HR team who will be in the forefront unearthing these unstated needs.

This will be an organization where people aren’t afraid of committing mistakes. There will be two machine shops. One for running the day to day activities. And the other will be having workable prototypes of all the machinery. This is to enable each and every worker, engineer and others to open up the machine to learn about it without the fear of stopping the production line.

Around this company will be built schools, hospitals and departmental stores for the people. The company will not only employ people from the locality, but will also buy from the locality thus ensuring that the spirit of entrepreneurial spirit is sown in the people. To aid in this, the company will train the people, expose them to latest technologies and the best in the market. Will it be an entirely altruistic motive? Nopes. I will be lying if I say that altruism is at the core of these initiatives. The core motivating factor is that everyone should make money. Everyone should be happy. This can happen only by growing and developing mutually.

The company and the people will slowly involve themselves in town planning and self sustenance. How best can nature’s resources be used to maximize our benefits? This will be our driving force. Natural sloping of the roads to ensure centralized collection of rainwater and sewage (each separately), having a tree in front of each house (the fast growing, shade giving types but it should not be the voluminous bulky type), probably looking at the possibility of cultivating most of the township’s requirements. We would also explore the possibility of layered cultivation (something like cultivating mushrooms in ground floor, potatoes in first floor and so on). There will be a volumetric utilization of the space available. Solar, wind and bio energy will be used on a large scale. There will be solar powered round the clock shuttle buses/trams for commuting within the township.

This plan will be replicated at various places. The main aim will be wealth creation and bringing the locality’s name on the world map.

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