Thursday, July 24, 2008

Idle Mind Is Devil's Workshop

Here I am sitting in my office and typing my way to glory. I used to sneer at Babli when she said she was vela in office. Guess I understand her predicament now. But its not that I spent my full day in vetti manner. Some basic technical research was done. Some writing was done. And yes, some professional work was done too. Still, a feeling of emptiness remains. The emptiness which comes when you know you are not doing what you are supposed to do.

Add to it the fact that I have started disliking this place even though I am not even a week into this place. Gurgaon is the place. Possibly a place of dreams for some. A place of dread for others. For me, it is a bore. One that has to be tolerated. But not for long. The problem for me here is that this place is too vast and too huge. Right away it negates my policy of walking to office. So much for nataraja services. And there is no decent public transport here. You need to have a vehicle of your own. The rickshaws and the autos make a killing here. All this really gets to my nerves.

And still, I have to find means of humoring myself. Such is life. You don’t EVER give in to its demands. Speaking of which I remember a phrase which a close friend of mine used ot write in his notes. NEVER GIVE IN. As against the NEVER GIVE UP which so many of us are used to.

The most funny thing in my office is that currently I am not all alone in my idleness. Almost everyone is. Its just that few of us here don’t try to pretend as if we are immersed in work. We treat our idleness for what it is. Plain idleness. And that tends to piss of some of them here. Like hell I care.

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