Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kuch toh hai....

What was it in my 1st job that I left it in 11 months? I can answer it in two ways. One, bitch about everything in there or two, introspect. Let me choose to introspect. So yes, the growth was not as I had expected. But I guess it was far above the industry average. Pay, I will not speak about. It was pretty comfortable. Work life balance was ultimate. I could decide what I wanted to do. If anything, it was the fact that things were moving a bit too slowly. I was feeling I was doing monotonous work. And then I did the cardinal mistake; that of thinking that the company is the reason for my monotonies rather than me. I could as well have redesigned my profile. In fact people were ready to offer me whatever I wanted. But the heady mixture of youth and ambition won the day and I left the company. For good or for worse? I believe it is for the good. I am now more in touch with both my engineering and my PG. I am more connected with my friends even on professional level than before. And I am more focused towards entrepreneurship than before. I am also able to slowly differentiate my actions and understand myself. Hindsight makes even a fool a wise man.

Ok Sukkhi…here you go….

And so I joined my current company trying to become a consultant. All that I had scorned in the past, I was to become now. Oh! For the ironies of life. The best thing was I was very much in touch with manufacturing. And the team I started out with was plain fantastic. As had happened so far in the past, I was the youngest in the team. But then the age difference was not as massive as was in the previous organization (where the next youngest guy I had to deal with was 15 yrs older to me). This (apart from the inherent goodness in all) led to a great camaraderie in our team. I also guess that if you and your team are literally excommunicated from any traces of civilization, camaraderie does develop by itself.

We had a great gang. A gang of 5. Sukkhi, Sidarth, DJ, Atul Kulkarni and Kunal Kapoor (I forget their screen names). Each of them was an entertainer in his own right. If one was with the bottle, the other was with JAVA. If one was with wit, the other was with sarcasm. The best thing was it all complemented well.There would be the daily bitching about the client – both external and internal. The regular sessions of chai and nimbu paani. Post lunch siesta. And then the weekly BotliBhai session.

Most of us were first timers in the job. And the fact that everyone new that the other guy was a newcomer also contributed towards having a free rein together. Three weeks into the joyride, Siddarth left for another project. 5 weeks into the agony ride, Sukkhi and Kunal too left. And finally the coup de grace was 7 weeks into the project when DJ and Atul Kulkarni too left. The irony was that leaving the place filled us with happiness. Was it a case of grass being greener on the other side or was it truly a case which deserved contempt? Only time and experience will tell.

For now we are officially benched. As each person’s number plate is shown to the public indicating he is gonna take the field, we all let out a sigh of relief.

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