Saturday, July 26, 2008

Scent of a Woman

That was one great movie. I loved that effortless and unselfconscious way in which Al Pacino dances with that lady. But why was it called scent of a woman? I dunno yet. However, this post is not about the movie. It is literally about the ‘scent’ of women.

And don’t worry. Neither is it about the natural scent of woman. It is about the perfumes, spray and stuff they put which makes you kommatify. Maybe that’s the way they feel when we guys put all the deo sprays too. But then this is about what I feel.

The first time I had this nausea was in my school bus. We had a teacher whose arrival was telegraphed with that perfume of hers. Everyone in the van couldn’t even speak for fear of THAT smell entering our mouth. Post that there was a lull for quite a few years. There were decent smells all around. Then around my high school time – Rexona deo used to make the rounds. It was tolerable too. Not much of an issue. It was later that the problems started. With influx of perfumes, sprays and stuffs like Eva, Spinz and all their variants, lives of the brotherhood became miserable. It was a sharp and pungent smell which all the girls seemed to enjoy.

And then I went to Karaikudi. This was a place ruled by the natural scent. Best case scenario was Javaadhu (a sexy natural perfume). Worst case scenario was some Singapore sarakku. You of course had your city dames who would flaunt their ‘posh’ scents.

By far the best I have experienced is the half natural, half perfume type of smell. This of course needs lots of fine balancing to know what the right mix should be. I take it back. The best ones have been the natural kadalaimaavu smell, javaadhu ones and the seekaipodi smell just after an oil bath. But why all of a sudden am I writing all these things? It was due to one of those ‘kommatifying’ scent that emanated from an acquaintance of mine which set me thinking. Why is it that really beautiful people have to resort to outrageously nauseating perfumes to make heads turn?

It is not to say that guys are really good when it comes to deo stuffs. I remember I used to over do the Denim powder when it just came to the market. There are guys who overdo the Axe thing too. Let some damsel pour all her stomach ulcer creating matters. I will stick to my experiences.

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